Kim Barta M.A.

Customized mindfulness maps lead to ecstatic exploration of mind, body, spirit; advancing personal development; and/or healing depression, anxiety and addictions.

Whether you are interested in personal growth or healing from depression, anxiety, or addictions, this is a good place to start. Depression, anxiety, and addictions are all quickly healed for most people and customized mindfulness maps are effectively created that lead you to an ecstatic world of exploration of mind, body and spirit.

My name is Kim Barta. I am a licensed professional psychotherapist and international personal growth coach. I have developed proprietary processes for quickly and deeply healing depression, anxiety, and addictions. Additionally, I have created protocols that help you develop a customized mindfulness and personal growth map, created from the wisdom of your whole being.

Many people just want to heal their depression, their anxiety, their anger or their addictions. They want it healed, they want it fast, and they want to get on with their life. I offer to you proprietary new therapeutic methods that often heal these issues in just a few sessions, by phone or in person.

On the other hand, there are many who want to explore the world of mind itself. They want to dig deeper, fly higher, and explore the roads less traveled in the world of mind. They seek mindfulness, positive psychology, spiritual ecstasy and wisdom. For you, I  provide customized personal growth plans that will help you reach your dreams. There are many mindfulness programs from every religious tradition and many non-religious sources. Professional guidance can help to find the perfect fit for you. Additionally, if you are serious about mindfulness or personal growth, I can also work with you in a way that releases the power of the wisdom of your whole mind in creating a customized mindfulness, or personal growth program. One created by you, for you, and perfectly designed to help you progress efficiently and ecstatically.

Below are some of the therapeutic tools I have created. They have received great reviews from those with whom I work, both from those who want to heal fast and those who want deep rich personal growth.

1) Psycho-Social Cartography: A therapeutic style that helps map a persons conscious and sub-conscious patterns and their interactions with others. It helps a person break unwelcome repeating patterns in their life with unusual clarity. It is powerful; it is quick; it is insightful.

2) Symbolic Reconstruction Therapy: A powerful therapeutic style that combines the latest research of modern psychotherapy, mindfulness, and ancient shamanic traditions with some innovative ideas to create a very powerful, quick, deep healing. With this protocol, healing life long depression, anxiety or addictions, in just one or a few sessions is common. There are several exciting aspects to this therapy:

One is that people don’t just heal. They launch into a psychological vitality previously not experienced. When measuring the success of this protocol subjects were asked to rate their experiences on a scale of 1 to 10. Before therapy, often the rating was between 2 and 5. After the first session the rating was generally between 7 and 10. After the second session subjects would spontaneously scratch out the 10 and write in higher numbers like 20 or 100 or more. The old scales used for measuring their personal happiness just were no longer adequate for what they were experiencing.

A second exciting element to this therapy is its capacity to heal with astounding privacy. While it is helpful to talk about issues, with this therapy it is not absolutely necessary. The person healing does not have to talk about the issue at all if they don’t want to. For those who find it very hard to talk about their issues, but still want to heal, this provides a powerful and respectful avenue for success.

No therapy heals all of the people all of the time. Approximately 30% of the population does not respond to this therapy. But 70% is a high success rate for any form of therapy. In addition, I have seen no other therapy where people rewrite the scoring system to indicate higher levels of experience. However, I pay attention to failures, not just successes. As a result, I have subsequently discovered another therapy that works for most of that remaining 30%. It is slower, but rich and effective.

3) Journey Task Mapping: A process that combines the latest researched developmental theory (Dr. O’Fallon’s STAGES model) with psycho-social skills training. In this work I discovered and created a method for understanding the developmental tasks at each stage of development, how each stage creates it’s own style of depression, anxiety, or even addictions and how to address those from the developmental stage of the individual. Instead of treating all depression, anxiety, anger or addiction as a disease, I discovered how to separate out disease model orientation from developmental growth. This leads to a more respectful and honoring of the person instead of pathologizing them. It identifies the task of personal growth that is up next in the long journey of maturing and becoming a wise elder and celebrates that journey as an honorable progression.

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You can succeed in this work in person, by phone or by electronic media. I work with people around the world.

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“It is in our core nature to heal… and to develop to our greatest potential. It is only the intrusions from outside that distract us from this premise.”